Artist Statement

My work is fueled by a deep appreciation of the complexity of Earth's natural beauty, as well as the therapeutic benefits of painting as a meditative practice. I am also fascinated with visualizing the abstract, such as states of mind, interconnectivity, and time. I hope to enable people to better appreciate the beauty surrounding us all through the accentuation of aspects I connect with, and question the sustainability of our systems that place it, and us, in jeopardy.


Toby (Tobin) Armstrong grew up with a love for visual creation, illustrating from a young age. In high school, Toby found his niche in "space-painting," a unique medium that uses layered and textured spray paint, combined with oil painting techniques akin to the teachings of Bob Ross, to quickly render natural and fantasy landscapes. The speed with which space-painting allowed pieces to be completed lent itself to a focus on process over product, rewarding experimentation and spontaneity.

Since finding success with spray paint, Toby has branched out to more traditional mediums, and is now enthusiastically exploring acrylics primarily. Toby is currently a graduate student at UMass Amherst, pursuing a Master's in Public Policy, with a focus on sustainable energy policy.

Toby busks as a speed spray-painter at festivals and street corners, teaches paint lessons, and takes commissions. His latest work and appearances can be followed on his Facebook Page.